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** June 12th 2024 **
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Goals and Objectives

The Goals and Objectives of this Association are:
  1. To develop and promote methods of training and communication to improve security in the field of transportation.

  2. To develop, collect and publish educational and statistical materials to further programs for the prevention of theft related losses.

  3. To foster the exchange of ideas and materials on theft prevention among law enforcement agencies and organizations in the field of cargo security.

  4. To develop and promote security standards and goals

  5. To conduct such other activities and programs as are deemed necessary to effectively support our goals and objectives

WSCTA is now looking for all organizations that specialize in the apprehension of criminals involved in the theft of cargo. Our new objectives through this web site will be an information source for all of those interested in networking with law enforcement and private industry involved in cargo theft.

WSCTA is managed and directed by a five man board of directors made up of past presidents of the Association. See Association Officers.

Law Enforcement and Industry -- A Partnership!

Western States Membership Application